The Donald decides it would be a good idea to go Paris?  For Bastille Day?  Does he remember what happened last year?

Donald Trump going to Bastille?  Good Grief!!!


Don Jr. doesn’t have much background in manual labor, so he might not know how shovels work or the Rule of Holes.  When you are in one, stop digging.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I was in Germany I mean on vacation fishing.  I got a little sick while there but I am back to MAGA!

Trump hits back

Trump sending his trumpanzees out to kick everyones ass that posted bad things about him. Just swap the words MagnoliaFan for Mika Brezinski and for twitter.  And swap Jay and Silent Bob for President Donald Trump.



Donald fucked up big this morning attacking Mika. He could go from zero to hero in 1 day by heeding my advice:

1. Sleep in on friday, till maybe like 7. Keep the phone and the twitter off and just chill for a while and watch some cartoons while eating breakfast, maybe smoke a fatty.

2. 9am call Mr. Buffett and ask him more about his thoughts on single payer health care. Fire up twitter and tweet Universal Healthcare for all.

Half the people would be all for it, and all the people would be shocked. The Trumpanzees will appreciate it in about 2 years while still arguing its an abomination. Trump likes to win, this is a win for him and a win for us.

Sarah Huckleberry Sanders stands up to a fake reporter asking fake questions. S-Huck, or now to be referred to as Shuck, contained her stroke symptoms long enough to add another page to her resume.

Paul Ryan says people dont want to pay for health insurance, fine by him it seems. So who does he expect to pay for those folks hospital bills when they are in a car accident? Or have cancer? Or his mother, who may or may not have HEP C. Just what I heard, Paul can explain to the people how he can kick his mother off her insurance when she has HEP C.