Twitter has changed the game.   For some reason, they have changed their default font.  Is it to reduce the seriousness of our Presidents tweets?   Do they look less threatening now?

I think twitter should change to Comic Sans Serif.



Mr President, the women will be playing golf on the golf course.

“Yes, as they should! Its about time women can play a mans game, obviously not as well as a man, but if they keep it up it should really help with a womans self esteem.”


Have you ever noticed how the intro to Fox and Friends looks like a sitcom?

Kid Rock

Today rich white suburban elitist turned rich white elitist white trash poser Kid Rock, AKA Robert James Ritchie, AKA Bob Jim Dick has thrown his lice ridden hat into the ring for the Michigan senate. You may remember draft dodger pants crapper Ted Nugent was going to run for Governor. He must have realized it was a bad idea long before Mr. Trump ran for President.

If Mr. Rock has been paying attention it would seem a bad move for him. Just imagine all the work he would have to put in learning how to read, the time spent trying to park his trailer in DC, the disappointment in the bitches eyes when he tells them to put the pipe down, he has to ‘go give a cloture, or something.’

Kid Rock is obviously a lot slower and dumber than both Donald Trump and Ted Nugent. If Kid Rock hasn’t learned anything from Donald Trump then good for us, another crazy sideshow.